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Are We in a Sellers Market in the Greater Athens Area?

Are We in a “Seller’s Market” in the Greater Athens Area?

How Team Jennifer Westmoreland & Associates can guide you through the home purchase process:

Info via Brandon McEachern with Team JWA!

If you’ve been watching the news on the housing industry lately, you understand that we’re in a “seller’s market”…meaning sellers have the upper-hand when it comes to the negotiation process.  It’s true.  In our market we’re realizing the phenomenon of most properties receiving multiple offers once they hit the market.  If you’re a buyer, DON’T PANIC.  With the right guidance and knowledge, you can put yourself in the best position possible to acquire the property.  Here are a few tips to help give you the best shot.

1)  BE PREPARED.  Those of you who were Boy Scouts early in life should have this locked and loaded.  If you haven’t talked to a lender prior to doing any home search, STOP!  Get with a lender asap so you’ll know exactly what you can afford, what your closing costs will be for different purchase prices, what type of loan is best for you, and how quickly can you close.  Knowing these things in advance may put you ahead of the pack when you have to hurry to beat other offers. If you don’t have a local lender already in mind, contact your REALTOR ®.  …which brings me to #2…

2)  HIRE A GOOD REALTOR ®.  Let’s face it, you don’t have time to have weak representation when in a hurried situation, as well as making one of the most important purchases of your life.  Look for a seasoned Buyer’s Agent.  Real estate offices/agents are ever-evolving (as the market does the same).  We see more agents specializing in either listings or buyers these days.  Why would you hire someone who specializes in listing property to help you as a buyer?  Exactly, you wouldn’t.  Interview more than one person, let them know your expectations up front, and have them tell you what they’ll do for you.  And make sure your agent is a REALTOR ®. Very important…but that is a different article altogether.

3)  KEEP IT CLEAN.  Ever heard of the “K.I.S.S.” rule?  Simple is key here.  Buyers can absolutely ask for anything they want in an offer, as most everything is negotiable.  But at what cost?  When compared to other offers that are coming in on the same property, you’ll probably have your best chance to obtain the property if you don’t ask for much.  Is that home warranty you’re requesting necessary?  If so, buy it yourself at closing.  You don’t want a few hundred dollars in a small request to be why you lost the deal.  Some things may well be necessary to request.  But if they’re not, leave them off of the paperwork.  This could also apply to asking the seller not to pay for any of the buyer’s closing costs (or maybe asking seller to pay a smaller amount towards your closing costs), agreeing to a sooner closing date (if your lender approves of such), and putting down more earnest money than is usually the norm in your market.

4)  DON’T BE AFRAID TO PAY OVER LIST PRICE. Ok, so I made you cringe.  No fear…there is an out here.  Most states have forms that you can attach to the offer that protect the buyer from a property not appraising at contract price.  So if you’re fighting others on price, go high.  Once you get the property under contract, it may take a few weeks before the appraisal returns.  If it comes back lower than the contract price, you may not be obligated to go through with the purchase.  In fact, the seller will most likely now understand that they priced the home too high, and they will reduce the price of the property to match the appraised value.  If they won’t, you can walk away from the deal, with little costs absorbed on your end.  ** IMPORTANT ** Make sure you talk to your agent about this scenario BEFORE making an offer to make sure they have you protected properly in such case. 

5)  RELAX.  Your REALTOR ® is working for you.  As a buyer, you should have a game plan with your agent as to where you are willing to stop in your negotiation.  If you’ve done the things above, you’re in good shape to play ball.  Put it in your agent’s hands, and let them lead the way.  Try to stay busy with other facets in your life, and attempt to take your mind off of it as much as possible (yeah, right).  Things will fall into place.  If not, maybe it wasn’t meant to be.  Now you’re well-versed to attack the next one you see.  But let’s put ourselves in the best position to get THIS one, right?  Right!  Good luck.  

-Brandon McEachern is the lead Buyer Specialist with Jennifer Westmoreland & Associates, Keller Williams Greater Athens. Athens, Georgia.  He can be reached at Brandon@theJWA.com. Submit a request for contact today!

6 Questions to Ask When Building Your Real Estate Wish List

Building Your Real Estate Wish List in the Greater Athens Area

6 questions to ask to figure out what type of home you’re looking for in Athens

Photo and information via Keller Williams

You’ve started your search, but do you know in detail what type of home are you looking for? There are so many choices that it is important to have an idea of what you want and need before you begin looking. Consider making a checklist of amenities that are essential and those you would like to have in your new home.

The checklist below may help you clarify your thinking on what is important to you when you are ready to purchase.

  1. What neighborhood(s) would you like to live in?
  2. What price range do you have in mind?
  3. What type of home interests you? (One-story, two-story, split-entry, townhouse, condo, duplex)
  4. Are schools a factor? Do you need to be close to public transportation?
  5. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? How many do you want?
  6. What other interior and exterior features are important to you?

Please feel free to email, call us or submit a request for contact at any time to learn more about specific areas you are interested in learning more about. We are happy to help you in your research, and can give you an up-to-date snapshot of the local real estate market here in the greater Athens area.


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This Month in Real Estate August 2017

This Month in Real Estate – August 2017

Information Provided by Keller Williams!

Below is information provided by Keller Williams. Interested in what’s happening in your neighborhood as well? Submit a request for contact, or give us a call today for a personalized home value report and market update!

August 2017 Market Update
Monthly VideoAccording to the National Association of REALTORS®, existing home sales dipped slightly in the month of June. While demand for homes remains high, inventory, especially in the starter home category, remains constrained. With so many interested buyers waiting for more homes to become available, now may be the perfect time to sell.
Interest Rates
Monthly VideoAccording to Freddie Mac, 30-year fixed rates ticked up from 3.90 percent to 3.96 percent. This rate remains well below the historical average of 8.90 percent.
Home Sales
Home Sales Graph
The National Association of REALTORS® reported home sales at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of approximately 5.52 million homes during the month of May. This was a decrease of 1.8 percent from May and an increase of 0.7 percent from June of last year.
Home Prices
Home Price Graph
The median home price increased to $263,800 in June, which was up 4.5 percent from May and up 6.5 percent from June of last year. The median home price has increased by approximately $16,200 in the past year alone.
Inventory Graph
There was a 4.3-month supply of housing inventory in June, which was up 2.4 percent from May. The total number of available homes for sale has decreased by 6.5 percent compared to June of last year.
Brought to you by KW Research. For additional graphs and details, please see the This Month in Real Estate PowerPoint Report.The opinions expressed in This Month in Real Estate are intended to supplement opinions on real estate expressed by local and national media, local real estate agents and other expert sources. You should not treat any opinion expressed on This Month in Real Estate as a specific inducement to make a particular investment or follow a particular strategy, but only as an expression of opinion. Keller Williams Realty, Inc., does not guarantee and is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of information, and provides said information without warranties of any kind. All information presented herein is intended and should be used for educational purposes only. Nothing herein should be construed as investment advice. You should always conduct your own research and due diligence and obtain professional advice before making any investment decision. All investments involve some degree of risk. Keller Williams Realty, Inc., will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on information contained in This Month in Real Estate.

2017 Oconee School Supply Drive a Success

2017 Oconee School Supply Drive a Success!

A record amount of school supply donations were presented to area schools

Oconee schools were presented with your school supply donations today at the Oconee County Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to your support and our community partners, we were able to help provide a record number of school supplies for the 2017-18 school year. Special thanks to our community partners, including Athens First Bank and Trust, Banksouth, Fox’s Pizza Den of Oconee, Matt Dixon/Briscoe Family Foundation, the Oconee County Chamber of Commerce and Target of Athens. We’re happy to support education in our community, and look forward to the success of the new school year.

Three Signs Your Neighborhood is the Next Big Thing in Athens

Three Signs Your Neighborhood is the Next Big Thing in Greater Athens

And what it might mean to you!

Is your neighborhood the next hot spot? (Info via KW)
If you suspect that your community is the next trendy neighborhood, you might notice the following changes:

New Businesses Are Moving to Your Area:
Hot new restaurants, boutiques, and hip coffee shops might be the first indication that your neighborhood is up-and-coming. Businesses conduct extensive research before setting up shop, so they often detect the next hot neighborhoods before anyone else.
For Sale Homes Are Spending Less Time on the Market:
We will gladly provide you with data on how long homes are spending on the market (referred to as days on market or DOM). The shorter the DOM, the more desirable the neighborhood.
Houses Are Being Renovated with Modern Details:
Homes that have been remodeled with today’s buyers in mind are often the beacons of a popular neighborhood. Look for stylized house numbers, mid-century modern architectural details, and updated landscaping.

Is your neighborhood showing signs that it could be the next hot spot? Feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary home valuation guide to see if now might be the right time to buy, sell, or invest in a new property.

Summer Lawn Care in the Greater Athens Area

Summer Lawn Care in the Greater Athens Area

Smart lawn management can keep things nice and healthy

Summer heat here in the greater Athens area can wreak havoc on your lawn. But don’t despair, smart lawn management can help you keep things nice and healthy this year.  Neat and clean landscaping can often complement the look and feel of your home too! (info and photo via KW)



Here are a few tips:

  • How can you tell if your lawn needs water? Walk across the lawn in the early morning or evening hours. If footprint remain, water is needed.
  • Be sure to water after sunset or before sunrise. Avoid watering when it’s windy or hot outside.
  • Set your mower blade higher – a height of 2 1/2″ to 3″ is ideal. Tall grass encourages deeper root growth and better drought tolerance. And make sure that the blade is sharp. Dull blades thrash the grass, they don’t cut it.
  • Consider mulching your grass. This will return needed nutrients to your yard.

Stay cool out there! For more information on local resources, you can always visit our JWA resource page! And if you or anyone you know need professional real estate advice, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can give us a call, or take a minute to submit a request to contact!

Luxury Upgrades You Desire in Greater Athens

Upgrades You Desire in Greater Athens

Luxury Buyers Often Prefer Upgrades Over Space (Info via KW)

When it comes to luxury homes, details are so much more than “just the small stuff.” In fact, the distinctive details are often what make certain homes extraordinary. That’s why 94 percent of affluent buyers said they would be willing to sacrifice 1,000 square feet of living space to get their desired upgrades.
Did you know that, at Jennifer Westmoreland and Associates, we are a top luxury specialist at Keller Williams in the Athens area? Understanding the details of luxury living is one of the most important considerations when seeking out a premier property. Our expertise in the luxury home market gives us the knowledge to seek out the certain key details you desire in a property, such as:


Smart home technology
Outdoor living amenities like water features and outdoor kitchens
Wine cellars and humidors
Home theaters
Home gyms
Top-of-the-line security systems


Finding a property that exceeds your every expectation in the greater Athens GA requires a team with an uncompromising eye for quality and an unending commitment to service. Call us today or submit a request for contact to arrange a personalized consultation.

Jennifer Westmoreland Athens Number One Keller Williams Luxury Home Agent

Jennifer Westmoreland & Associates- Athens’ #1 Keller Williams Luxury Home Agent

Luxury Homes Often Need Specialized Skills and Market Knowledge

Did you know that Jennifer Westmoreland with Team JWA is Athens’ #1 KW luxury home specialist? At the JWA, we have specific tools and market knowledge that allow us to succeed in finding or selling your next luxury home for you. Videos can provide a fantastic way to highlight features of your home, along with the additional tools and technology to find a targeted buyer for your luxury listing. Below is an example of a recent video created for one of our clients highlighting their home! We would be happy to sit down with you and create a customized plan to sell your luxury home in the greater Athens area too.








Looking for your next dream home? Here is a sample of some of our current listings. Thinking or listing your luxury home? We can provide you with a free home valuation guide customized just for you! Interested in something specific or need more information? Send us a request for contact, or give us a call today!



This Month in Real Estate May 2017

This Month in Real Estate – May 2017

Monthly Real Estate Trends – Ask About the Athens Area!

Here are some national trends in real estate for the month of May. Interested in what the current market in your neighborhood is like? We’d be happy to sit down with you and review a customized plan based upon your individual market conditions! At Jennifer Westmoreland and Associates, we are a part of the community and make our focus to be the local experts in what’s happening here in the greater Athens area. Submit a request for contact, or give us a call. We look forward to working with you.