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Creating a First Time Home Buyer Wish List

6 Considerations Before You Begin Your First Time Home Buying Search

(Information and photo via Keller Williams)

You’ve started your search, but do you know in detail what type of home are you looking for? There are so many choices that it is important to have an idea of what you want and need before you begin looking. Consider making a checklist of amenities that are essential and those you would like to have in your new home.

The list of 6 considerations below may help you clarify your thinking on what is important to you when you are ready to purchase your first home:

  1. What neighborhood(s) would you like to live in?
  2. What price range do you have in mind?
  3. What type of home interests you? (One-story, two-story, split-entry, townhouse, condo, duplex)
  4. Are schools a factor? Do you need to be close to public transportation? Learn more about schools and local housing values!
  5. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? How many do you want?
  6. What other interior and exterior features are important to you?

Please feel free to submit a request for contact, email or call me at any time to learn more about specific areas you are interested in learning more about. I am happy to help you in your research and can give you an up-to-date snapshot of the real estate market.

Real Estate on the River – BankSouth Mortgage

Brandon and Ryan Discuss First Time Buyers

On this week’s Real Estate on the River series, Brandon McEachern of our Team Jennifer Westmoreland & Associates discusses first time home buyers with Ryan Thompson of BankSouth Mortgage. Thanks Ryan for being a part of this series! In this week’s video Ryan talks about what first time home buyers should expect as far as closing costs and planning in the greater Athens GA area.

What Would A Rate Increase Cost You?

The effects of rate increases in the Greater Athens area

Information via Keller Williams)

Securing the right financing is critical when you find the right home. Many buyers put such a heavy focus on low home prices that they miss out on the real opportunity in today’s real estate market – historically low mortgage rates! Now is the time to lock in a mortgage rate to offer you the peace of mind you deserve with your next home purchase.
Submit a request for contact or call us today to discuss how you can take advantage of today’s market. We’re here to help with your every move.
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Millennial First Time Home Buyers in the Greater Athens Area

Millennials Search for Unconventional Down Payment Funds, but at What Cost?

We’ve had several questions from customers recently about unconventional down payment funds, and wanted to share this information with you to potentially help you out! Interested in looking for your first home in the greater Athens area? Submit a request for contact or give us a call today! We’d be happy to walk you through the first time home buyer process and know what to plan on throughout the process!

Information and photo via Keller Williams

By Liz Dominguez decorative image Millennials meeting with REALTOR Rising home prices are standing in the way of millennials who want to buy their first home; however, these challenges are being overcome via some unconventional methods. Millennials are getting creative and finding sources for their down payment by any means necessary. But are these methods hurting the millennial generation financially?

Borrowing from family: Sure, gifted money doesn’t sound bad. But what if the families don’t have the cash to give? Instead, buyers are asking that their parents’ home be refinanced, using the home equity as a way to fund their own home purchase.

Of course, this can be beneficial in multiple-offer situations to get a competitive edge with an all-cash offer, but borrowing from a relative can go south fast. Not being able to pay a bank back can have repercussions like lowering a credit score, but missed payments to a relative can damage familial relations. Is it worth the risk?

Crowdfunding: There are new crowdfunding platforms being introduced every year, and more of them are tapping into the real estate industry. This can be a great way to amass gifted money from friends and family, but not everyone may see it that way. Instead of crowdfunding for their honeymoon, newlyweds are asking their wedding guests to donate toward their first home.

This method can get complicated in the lending world. Buyers will need to look into gifting regulations before accepting any gifted money.

What Not To Do Before Buying A House

What Not To Do Before Buying A House

7 things you may want to try and avoid during the home buying process

The home buying process can be an overwhelming time. Often, things you think may not be important during that process could actually effect you along the way. Here are 7 things to try and avoid along your home purchase journey, via KW!

  1. Don’t make a major purchase. This will change your credit score and possibly disqualify you from a mortgage.
  2. Don’t change jobs unless it’s absolutely necessary. A consistent work history is crucial to lenders.
  3. Don’t give earnest money directly to a For Sale By Owner seller.
  4. Don’t forget to switch utilities. Call the utility companies as soon as you have a contract.
  5. Don’t forget to get hazard insurance as long before closing as possible.
  6. Don’t ignore lender requirement. Be absolutely clear on what the lender requires and take care of it.
  7. Do go it alone. A reliable real estate professional will help you with all the details, including ones you didn’t think of.

Have additional questions or ready to begin the home purchase process? Request a contact from Team JWA, or give us a call today!


First Time Homebuyer Series Considerations

JWA First Time Homebuyer Series – Considerations

9 Considerations for First Time Homebuyer Home Research

So you’re ready to begin the search for your first home. These are exciting times! At Jennifer Westmoreland & Associates, we would love the opportunity to share in this time with you in helping you find a home that is just right for you. Below are 9 considerations when researching homes in the greater Athens GA area. Call today or submit a request for contact and we’ll walk you through each step! (Information via KW)

  1. Before you begin viewing properties, make a list of “must haves.” Consider location, style, age, amenities, etc.
  2. Don’t view too many properties in one day.
  3. When you find a property you like, visit it at different times of the day.
  4. Walk or drive past the property before going inside.
  5. Don’t be put off by interior decoration – it can be changed.
  6. Establish what’s included in the sale – land, furniture, appliances, etc.
  7. Ask why the sellers are moving.
  8. Determine the annual property taxes.
  9. Ask how much utility bills cost each month.