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Greater Athens Area Best Home Improvement

Greater Athens Area Best Home Improvements

Potential Remodel Options for Future Resale (data via KW)

Sure, you can spend a lot on something purely for the personal pleasure of having it—like that outdoor Jacuzzi under the attached gazebo—or you can go the practical route and make an improvement that will increase your home’s market value. If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your home for resale, or you just want an updated look for your own enjoyment, consider a few things before beginning any costly project.

It may not sound very exciting, but it’s the basic improvements you make to your home that may have the greatest return on its value: a beautiful new bathroom won’t make up for a leaky roof.

Below are some examples of a few improvements that usually pay off—and some that rarely make a difference (no matter how much you paid for them) when it comes time to sell your home.

“…it’s the basic improvements you make to your home that may have the greatest return…”
Best Potential for Resale:
If you’re planning to sell your home in a year or two, a fresh coat of a neutral-toned paint could make the sale easier. A professional exterior paint job may also recoup close to 75% of its cost. Let’s face it— we all like things fresh-looking.
With just a few basic improvements, your kitchen can practically pay you back with interest! New paint, wallpaper and flooring are always appreciated. Replacing old cabinet hardware is a low-cost improvement that makes a big difference in appearance, according to the Remodeling magazine.
Don’t expect your money back:
Swimming Pool
In a word-don’t! Unless you’re putting it in for you and your family to enjoy, it’s commonly agreed that a swimming pool has no resale value at all.
Picture-Prefect Gardens
If the potential buyer is not horticulturally inclined, chances are your floral handiwork won’t add to the offering price. The same can be said for expensive fences and stone walls-they look nice, but buyers don’t pay up for them.


Call me today or submit a request for contact if you’re thinking of remodeling your home. I have an extensive network of experienced professionals that I would love to put you in touch with if you’d like. I will also show you how much your home is worth in today’s market, before and after the renovations.

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Jennifer Westmoreland Athens Number One Keller Williams Luxury Home Agent

Jennifer Westmoreland & Associates- Athens’ #1 Keller Williams Luxury Home Agent

Luxury Homes Often Need Specialized Skills and Market Knowledge

Did you know that Jennifer Westmoreland with Team JWA is Athens’ #1 KW luxury home specialist? At the JWA, we have specific tools and market knowledge that allow us to succeed in finding or selling your next luxury home for you. Videos can provide a fantastic way to highlight features of your home, along with the additional tools and technology to find a targeted buyer for your luxury listing. Below is an example of a recent video created for one of our clients highlighting their home! We would be happy to sit down with you and create a customized plan to sell your luxury home in the greater Athens area too.








Looking for your next dream home? Here is a sample of some of our current listings. Thinking or listing your luxury home? We can provide you with a free home valuation guide customized just for you! Interested in something specific or need more information? Send us a request for contact, or give us a call today!



Team JWA Find Fiona the Fiat Friday

Team JWA Find Fiona Friday

Where in the greater Athens area will Team Jennifer Westmoreland be next?

Have you seen our Team JWA Fiona the Fiat car around town? If not, you might be missing out! We’re taking the Fiat around the greater Athens area. Watch for the next clue on our Facebook or Instagram pages. On Find Fiona the Fiat Friday, Team JWA may treat you to lunch! There are so many local restaurants and activities in the Athens area, and we’re looking to exploring more places with you. Become a part of the community, and stop by to say hello! Know of a good local spot to try? Make a comment on one of our pages. We’d love to hear your suggestions too!