Unique Ideas to Help Sell Your Home!

Any new helpful pointers are welcome when it comes to selling your home, right? We’ve pared down Joseph Lazzaro’s article Housing Market: Five Tips For US Home Sellers written for International Business Times.

1. Think outside of the box when offering additional incentives to potential buyers. They will likely be intrigued, impressed, or just plain distracted if you include the added value of event tickets or a night on the town in your package. Something you can visualize and remember, unlike the abstract value of haggling over a couple thousand dollars.

2. Social marketing! You can reach whole demographics that would otherwise be completely missed by utilizing social networks.

3. If its feasible, consider financing the buyer yourself until they are approved. This increases your prospective buyer pool and gives someone an opportunity to buy a home while they polish their financial portfolio.

4. Lease your home to extend the amount of time you have to work the market.

5. Change the listing price after consulting with your realtor, there’s a number of psychological affects connected to lowering AND raising prices to utilize.

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