Still Wondering if This is the Time to Buy? Wonder No More!

Here are some new key points, giving you even more reason to buy your home this year…

Rent is rising, up almost 4% from the year before, making it more affordable monthly to pay a mortgage than rent!

Renters spend 10% more of their disposable income on monthly debts and bills than home owners.

The age demographic most likely to rent homes is growing, therefore demand for rental housing is increased and supply is still low, pushing rental costs even higher.

Housing affordability is at a twenty-year high!

New mortgage broker rules are being enforced to protect the buyer and the integrity of the sale, focusing on issues such as aggressive lending practices and no-doc loans.

Over all, it should be safer and more affordable to buy a home in 2013!

Thank you Kimberly Rotter and Credit Sesame for the original article, 2013 Ushers in More Reasons to Buy a Home.

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