Do you know how to prepare your home for natural disasters such as “Frankenstorm”?

Horror movies come to life when mega-storms and scary natural disasters threaten our homes. Do you you know how to best prepare to ‘weather the storm’?

Forbes and RealtorMag provided many great tips, here is a brief synopsis:

Beware of surrounding trees! Make sure they’re pruned back to a safe length and are alive. Strong winds will knock down overgrown limbs and even whole trees, especially if the tree is dead or rotten.

If your doors look like they belong in a haunted house…then they are a real danger. Check the actual door, the hinges, door frames, etcetera for weak or loose spots and cracks. On the same note, look for and fix structural leaks and cracks because they can lead to much scarier problems!

In addition to structural issues, have a professional assess your utilities. Your electricity, water and gas can present hidden dangers.

The creepiest of all? Homeowner’s insurance! Not really, don’t be afraid to review your homeowner’s insurance plan. You need to see what kind of damages would be covered and if your limits match your current situation.

For more details read How to Frankenstorm-proof a Home from RealtorMag or Make Sure Your Home is Properly Insured by Forbes.

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