New Team Building Escape Challenge in Athens!

This unique facility in Athens has been designed as a real life escape challenge!!! Imagine waking up in a room, with a number of other people, having no idea where you were. What if it was up to you and those around you, to figure out how to escape? What if the only way out relied on your ability to collectively unearth clues that had been hidden throughout the room? What if you all had to use these clues to solve a series of riddles? What if you only had 1 hour to escape? Would you have what it takes to Escape the Space?

One thing is indisputable… we all need to be given opportunities to engage those around us, spark our imaginations, and accomplish something special alongside others. There is no better opportunity in Athens, or its surrounding areas, to gather people together and encourage them to rise up as a team. This experience is unique in that individuals MUST be a part of a team in order to escape our mystery rooms.  People can try to work alone… but success, be it ever so elusive, depends on their ability to work hand in hand with each other. Part of what makes Escape the Space’s experiences so unique is that they seemingly force individuals to understand the need for, and benefits of, working together. No phones, no help, just a group of people working towards a common goal. Whether you are a staff from an office, a management team, a church group, students, a club, or professionals of any kind, Escape the Space will help to sharpen you, strengthen your team, and provide an experience no one will soon forget!

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Based on the games that were once so popular on computers, the Escape the Space concept is a LIVE ACTION ESCAPE GAME. Part of the fun is not providing too much information upfront. The only information about the challenge that the staff has revealed is:

  1. Expect the unexpected.
  2. There will be puzzles.
  3. You will potentially meet new people.
  4. Free parking is available (there is parking behind the building, just for Bottleworks customers).
  5. You will have fun.
  6. You will be safe.
  7. You will be air-conditioned.
  8. You will have access to restrooms.

Escape The Space is open to the public Thursday through Saturday at 6PM and at 8PM.
You can also schedule your own private party for anytime with advanced notice.
Their phone number is: (706) 389-5931
They are located in The Bottleworks at: 297 Prince Ave. Athens, GA 30630

For more information, FAQs, pricing, etc., please visit

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