How to Affect the Visibility of Your Real Estate Site’s Photography

Businesses and their website developers are smart to make sure the company website is composed for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but how often do we think about the SEO of our photos?

Marci James wrote the article, for Clean Slate and Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, How to Optimize Your Real Estate Photos for SEO which goes into full detail on the subject. Here’s our overview:

  • Use eye-catching, engaging photos.
  • Use small to medium size image files, files that take too long to load will end up pages behind everyone else’s!
  • Use geographic or location-relative terms in each image’s file name.
  • Use Flickr to tag the photos with keywords.
  • Utilize ALT tags and photo titles for another chance to snag search engines with keywords.
  • Watermark your images to give the public another way to trace them back to you!

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