House Flipping Advice!

Are you curious about flipping houses? It can be extremely lucrative, as long as you invest a good deal of time, effort and attention. We’ve compiled some important bullet points from a great article found in the US News and World Report.

See beyond the cosmetic, or trivial components that are unsightly or off-putting. Good flippers use their imagination to envision how best to turn an undesirable building into a welcoming home.

Spend time working the numbers! It is imperative that the value added in repairs is a much higher number than the cost of the repairs. Do your research to compare the cost and value added, and talk with your realtor for their advice! While you’re out gathering advice and input, bring in some experts to assess potential structural issues that could unexpectedly cost you money.

When making design decisions, think about what would please the common majority and forget about your personal taste. For example, neutral colors are a must! When all design elements are in place and the house has a finished feel, THEN put it on the market. Finally, deal with buyers that have been pre-qualified, it will save you time and money!

For a thorough explanation, read Secrets of Successful House Flippers.

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