First-timers Make Up a Relatively Small Proportion of Today’s Homebuyers, Are They Missing Out?

Even though studies show that people born within the last couple of decades plan to buy their own home, they aren’t taking advantage of today’s market.

Home prices are projected to rise, after bottoming out in the fall of 2012, and interest rates are incredibly low, so now is the ideal time to buy a home! Experts have a few suspected reasons why would-be first-time home owners are shying away from making the milestone purchase, including the possibility that their careers and/or finances will not qualify them for loans.

Its a gamble, but there is a chance that mortgage rates will stay low until 2015. So, if you’re not quite ready, start preparing now! Home prices will continue to go up, but possibly at a slow steady incline.

For the full article from Reuters, click Are first-time homebuyers missing the sweet spot?.

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