AirCanada lists reasons to come to Athens, Georgia!

Athens has all the comforts of a relatively small city. Just to name a few: its easy to know your neighbor, you’re just a short drive from the beautiful countryside, and you may even have the chance to see your favorite musician in an intimate venue.

AND, Athens also presents opportunities usually only found in large cities, such as internationally recognized contemporary dining and lodging! AirCanada noted Athens as a foodie destination and listed 8 different landmark establishments to visit!

1. Five & Ten
2. Farm 225
3. Athens Farmers Market
4. The National
5. Hotel Indigo-Athens
6. Mama’s Boy
7. Branded Butcher
8. Heirloom

Sure does make you proud of where you live AND makes Athens a travel destination!

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For more on each establishment or to read AirCanada’s article click on Getaway to Athens

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